Defining set-up data

with help of expert knowledge

SRM:Expert - Process design with expert knowledge and production experience

The system SRM:Expert provides all calculating tools which are necessary for pass design and speed set-up of the rolling mill, for yield stress and rolling loads, for reduction series and roll calibration, for evaluation of end thickening and more. SRM:Expert calculates the process parameters on basis of an approved analytical process model.

The applied technology is based on an approved analytical process model

Fig. The applied technology is based on an approved analytical process model for stresses and strains

Like in an automatic mode, standard values for roll pass design and speed set-up are calculated, which are based on expert knowledge and which, in general, result in good tube quality. If desired, the operator can do optimizations based on his own experience and knowledge. The standard pass design widely avoids the development of a hexagon inside the tube and line marks outside. In case of difficult tube sizes the system offers calculation methods for optimising the pass design, the average tension and the tension distribution over the pass series.



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