LTC (Local Thickness Control)

May 13, 2023

Newly developed and already proven in production use is the automatically adapting local wall thickness control smart LTC (Local Thickness Control) as an integral part of the smart control of the atrac® system. Local wall thickness deviations are the changes in the average wall thickness related to the individual tube cross-section over the length of the rolling stock. This is made up of various parts: a trend that is similar from tube to tube, individual deviations that differ from tube to tube, and measurement data errors. Due to the complex composition of these local deviations, it is difficult to adapt a pre-control using the measurement data of the pre-tube based on the measurement data of the rolled tube. A newly developed algorithm now performs this task perfectly and automatically. The smart LTC thus supplements the atrac® smart control with the self-adapting TEC (Thickened End Control) and MTC (Main Thickness Control).



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