The new atrac® 2 is now available.

March 5, 2024

The new atrac® 2 is now available.

Extended process model with four adaptation parameters for realistic prediction of the stretch-reduction process. Every mathematical model is based on simplifications of the modeled physical process. Adequate adaptation parameters must be available in order to adapt the model precisely to reality. atrac® 2 is equipped with the necessary number of adaptation parameters. Accordingly, precise precalculation of the process, exactly adjusted process control and good rolling results are possible.

Highest numerical stability. A complex process model requires intelligent numerical solution methods that are fast and reliable. New procedures in atrac® 2 ensure maximum safety in the calculations. Substitute calculations are avoided.

Versatile optimization of the speed curve against overloading, tube rupture and internal polygon formation. The design of the static speed curve determines load distribution, end losses, tube rupture, roll wear and internal polygon formation. With atrac® 2, the speed curve can be adapted to specific problems. Solution schemes that can be combined with each other are offered for this purpose, but a 'free' design of the speed curve is also possible. In each case, the process model determines the physically sensible solution.

Special control variants to reduce the maximum motor load and prevent tube rupture. The dynamic loads during process control play a decisive role in the load distribution and the tensile stress curve, particularly in the phases of end control and dynamic wall thickness control. New control methods in atrac® 2 ensure that the maximum load and maximum tensile stresses are reduced.

Dimension-specific adjustment of the process model. A complete division of the production program into separate, arbitrarily detailed dimension fields makes it possible to adjust calculation and process parameters very precisely. At the same time, the consistency of the parameters always remains in view in the rolling program overview.

Further optimizations in atrac® 2:

Process simulation for each shell for individual optimization.

Improvements to smartTEC and smartLTC for maximum good tube length.

Improved evaluation of measurement data. And much more.



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